Textiles - Saving Magic Textile by Yvonne Chapman BrooksI began working with textiles by making patchwork quilts, but as my work was never perfect by patchwork standards, my points never met, and I began to create more artistic interpretations. Wall hangings were the best way to develop my technique and over a period of 4 years, I began to hone my techniques.

The 4 season of Harvey was my first big undertaking, it was made for my home to hang in the hallway as an entrance statement. It was made in panels each depicting something else around the town where I lived in Western Australia, a town known for Oranges and Dairy. Thie quilt took a year to complete, as the panels continued over the year so did my technique and the bottom panel was by far the best!

Free Motion Machine Sewing allows the sewer to manipulate the machine stitch in any direction, using a darning foot and with the Feed dogs down you have complete control.  Along with this, I began thread painting, using the thread direction to give texture and thread colour to “paint” the image. Each piece is cut from layered fabric, using an iron on bond it is ironed onto calico, then sewn in a hoop, using many different colours and types of sewing thread. When completed it is cut out and stitched into place on the final piece. In some places, the poor machine is sewing through up to 10 or 15 layers of fabric!

Textiles – Competition Awards

My first major textile competition was the WAQA quilt show in 2009, the theme was Natures Beauty, so I entered The 4 Seasons of Harvey, measuring a whopping 2.4 x 1.2 quilt. It won first prize in the Amateur section and Viewers Choice, Members Choice and went to Melbourne in the Best of the Best exhibition!

Textiles - Out of the Ashes  by Yvonne Chapman BrooksI was thrilled! I even went to Melbourne to see it hanging. Such an amazing moment. This began my love affair with textiles and the sewing machine. My poor little Janome, my very basic work horse, did some serious sewing over the years, earning me several prizes, in Australia and in the USA. In total, I won with “True Blue Mates”, (Honourable mention, Viewer’s Choice – ACQ True Blue Theme, and Best in Country in the USA Mancuso World of quilt exhibition for Australia)  

“Carousel Tradition with a twist won Best in the world Innovative section for use of colour in the Mancuso worlds of Quilts USA.

“Saving Magic” was used to advertise the craft and quilters exhibition around Australia even though it did not place in the judging, what a huge compliment and very proud moment, walking into the exhibition to be met by MY quilt on the banners and advertising.

Yvonne teaches art to a small group of students and holds workshops on her watercolour techniques and colour theory.

If you are interested in booking workshops, please contact me here at Yvonne’s Artwork.