Molly’s Story

This is the story of how were adopted by a beautiful white Boxer dog, and how she loved life and everyone in it.  

Years ago, we were having dinner with a family that friends knew, who lived in a big posh house with flashy, very expensive possessions, which they liked to brag about, and who owned a white boxer puppy, her name was Sassy.  We found out later that she was a Christmas gift for their very spoilt daughter, who had got bored when she was no longer a cute little toy. 

There was no indication that a dog even lived in this house, no dog bed, bowl, toys, nothing, so I asked the host where this dog was, as I had never seen a white boxer before. She led me outside to the garden and by the shed was a 9 month old dog, certainly not white, more brown and filthy, on a 1 meter chain so tight it was starting to embed into her neck,  and sitting in the doorway of the shed, she had obviously been there for a long time as the 1m space around the doorway was absolutely disgusting, faeces everywhere, old urine stains and stench, and a half empty filthy bucket of water. Her story was that “she’s a digger” and to be taught a lesson was tied up in disgrace!

 No! she was a 9-month-old puppy who was being neglected and abused. She was absolutely delighted to see someone …anyone… and jumped up as far as her chain would allow,  her tail wagging furiously, covering me in old faeces and urine, my heart broke.

I went inside so angry with how this dog was being treated, and said that we were leaving.

On the way home I cried and told Jeff, my late husband,  about this poor dog.  Early the next day we had a phone call from our friends, this family were going to have Sassy put to sleep unless someone took her. Were they honestly hoping someone would just knock on the door and see if they had a dog they didn’t want?

We had just lost Spike our 4-year-old Rottie to Meningitis a couple of weeks before, so were still getting over that loss when this request came in. Our friend asked if we could take her and at least find her a good home.

Jeff hadn’t seen her so asked what she was like. I said she has a face only a mother could love but there was something beautiful about her,  a very sweet puppy who obviously didn’t cost enough for this family to feel she was worthy.

He went to collect her.

As soon as Jeff saw her, he was so angry he couldn’t speak, he just picked up the dog and carried her gently,  to our van. As he left the family tried to say goodbye, they were told in no uncertain terms that they were lucky to not be reported to the RSPCA. It took 3 baths to get her clean. And a few more weeks for the smell to leave the van.

We gave her a new life and a new name, Molly, AKA Moo Moos

She was adorable, playful and very, very loving, she just loved being in our company. She loved to play, chased balls and sticks, ran like the wind and loved everyone.

Molly lived until she was 13 and died of splenetic cancer.  She was buried in our garden in Harvey under a blanket of flowers.

She is missed and boy, was she loved.

Between hello and goodbye there was so much love.