It’s Nearly Christmas again!

Time to buy your Christmas cards

Its time to think about the festive season again, I’m sure it comes around quicker every year. This year I have produced a cat image for all our cat lovers out there, this one has found an interesting twinkly new toy to play with.  

As for all my dog lovers out there, here is one handsome  dog tempting you under the mistletoe.  “Go on… you know you want to” and “A new toy!” are available now at $3 each. I usually sell in packs of 6 but can split them to individual cards to make up the pack. Prices are in Australian dollars and postage is extra. Please message me if you wish to order either via my website, follow the “Book a commission” at the bottom of this page,  or via my  Facebook page Yvonne’s Artwork

I wish to thank all my followers of my Facebook page and my website as your support is so appreciated. I have just won a major prize at the Harvey Art Prize for my treescape, “A Quiet Place” for the  “Works on paper” category, This was a fantastic win for me, and I felt honoured to be awarded a prize for this particular painting. It is one of my favourite images that had been hanging on my wall.

Other items available

I still have a few of previous my years Christmas cards available, if you would like to still buy those while stocks last, same prices as the others @ $3 each.  This one is “What would YOU like for Christmas” showing a gorgeous Greyhound with Santa. It is a particularly adorable image of gentle hands holding the face of a greyhound, exchanging a moment of tenderness.  

I also have some of these designs left too. “A Galgo Christmas dreams” showing two rescued Galgo’s snuggled up for the night and dreaming of a sleigh being pulled by Galgo’s. These dogs were a friends dogs, both rescued Spanish Galgo’s in their usual evening repose. I loved painting this image, its no secret that Greyhounds and Sight hound are a favourite subject of mine. 

Greetings cards

I do have a range of greetings cards left blank for your own message, available at the Cellar door at Vineyard 28 in Yarloop WA. 

These three images are just some of the  greetings cards on sale, left blank for your own message, available at the cellar door at Vineyard 28

The first image is “One last look” which won peoples choice at the 2023 Harvey art Prize .  The second is “Pygmy Possum on Gum flowers,” and “In coming!” a red tailed Black Cockatoo. photograph reference by Ren Theelen. 

They are also available as fridge magnets. why not book to go and see my framed artwork on display at the cellar door and try some beautiful boutique wines.