It’s Christmas!

colourful Greyhound watercolour

Let us celebrate with a card or two! 

It’s that time of year again and once again I have  designs for my colourful Greyhound watercolour Christmas cards.  It is no secret that I adore greyhounds, they are the most adorable creatures, so loving and lazy, the biggest couch potatoes you ever wish to meet, “Gain a Grey, lose a couch!” Well, I have two rescued Greys, Daisy, and Otis, both were my foster fails and now both are 12+ years old and enjoying a very lazy old age.

Over the years I have made my images available for a couple of Greyhound rescue organisations, for them to fundraise. I support GAWA (Greyhound Adoptions WA) and BGA (Busselton Greyhound awareness.) 

In the past have designed a card of “Granny pants” for “Galgo’s Del Sol” in Spain. In fact, it all started with cards for the Galgo rescue in Spain several years ago, just a generic Galgo, and then I began to design cards for myself. I have also made calendars in the past featuring some of my commissions for the year which have proved popular. 

My Christmas card muse is often Daisy or Otis, but I have used others in the past, Maya and Zezan were a friend’s dogs from Holand, they made a beautiful Galgo dreaming card, when I saw the image and with my friend’s permission, I could not resist using it as my card for 2021.

This year I have two images. The rescue fundraising card is featuring Otis, the photo was taken on holiday earlier in the year, he does not like his photo being taken and always looks like he has been told off for something, so I painted this image with a destroyed gift or two, I thought the image was perfect for “Dear Santa….define “Good”  I did add a couple of PNG images (the baubles and ribbon) to my original painting to give them a little bit more depth.

Otis however is not destructive in any way at all. He is an absolute gem.

For the painting that I will use as my own cards this year, I chose a much simpler image, shown at the top of this blog,  that of Santa giving a gentle embrace to a greyhound, a look of love, trust, and hope. I love the simplicity of it. “What would YOU like for Christmas?”

I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, and a happy and prosperous 2023.

Paintings shown are:-  

What would You like for Christmas? 

Galgo Dreaming

My Christmas hat

Granny Pants GDS

Dear Santa….define “Good”

Christmas wish list

Christmas lights

This is for you

I found mine!