In memory of Bizzy

Back in 2016 I was approached by a lady asking for a commission to be painted of a beautiful dog called Bizzy. Tragedy had struck and they had raised a small amount to have a portrait done for the owner, who had chosen me to paint their portrait.

I was touched and asked what the tragedy was, it was heartbreaking, every animal owners worst fear, On Tuesday, May 24, 2016, a dedicated animal professional was called back to her home after being away for an hour and a half, to find that a fire had broken out in her home where she was caring for several dogs and cats. The home was filled with smoke. Sadly, seven dogs: Riot, Flash, Harry, Bizzy, Dash, Enzo and Riley and 2 cats: George and Moshi succumbed to smoke inhalation. only two survived: one dog: Lola and one cat: Intrigue. “1 hr 38 min was how long no one was home. We ran in and out bringing them out until the firemen stopped us. Thanks to the firemen, and the wonderful vet Dr Claudia Richter who attended the scene and tried to revive them. I held and cuddled everyone and told them I loved them and refused to leave until they were all taken care of. My heart and world are completely shattered by this. Shattered.” 

They formed the “HAPPY DOGS LEGACY” and decided to raise money to equip every fire truck in the 152 fire halls in British Columbia, with pet oxygen masks, a customized piece of life-saving equipment to help revive pets exposed to smoke.

I donated my portrait and, with its value asked them to put it towards buying masks and donated a portrait voucher as fund raising.

I remember vividly painting this portrait, Bizzy looked so happy. She was an agility dog who loved life.  Such a gorgeous girl. I felt as if she were communicating with me throughout this portrait. It touched my soul.

I felt I did her justice and hope Liz Werner found peace in Bizzy’s portrait.