Greyhound love

For the love of a greyhound

Its no secret that I love Greyhounds. It started 11 years ago when I fostered my very first greyhound, Daisy. It wasn’t going to be a long foster as this little girl completely stole my heart. 

She was tiny, small in stature but very thin at just 19kg,  she had been in the regional prison rehabilitation programme where inmates took responsibility of a dog, she did well, and found a forever home….except it wasn’t, it was short lived, one day while her “Dad” was at work, Her “mum” took her back to gap and said she “couldn’t be doing with her” and left.  Daisy was in a terrible condition, extremely thin and withdrawn. GAP took her back and found her a foster home, but she was reactive to cats, so they looked for another, that’s where I come in. 

A new beginning

Daisy was just 3 years old, she was extremely thin, withdrawn and very quiet. I took her to the vet the day after I fostered her, as her teeth were so rotten you couldn’t get near her for appalling halitosis. I doubt she had ever had a decent thing to chew on or ever been to the vet for a dental, it was awful, her gums were so infected and ulcerated that she could hardly eat, the vet started her on steroids and long term antibiotics before we could even contemplate a dental. I rang GAP,  I said what do you do about Daisy’s teeth, she’s in awful pain, they said, “Nothing until she is adopted” 

My response….. “She’s adopted, Im taking her, Now, what are you going to do about her teeth!”  they agreed to pay for her medication and dental work, but it should never had got to this point. 

Fast forward and Daisy stayed with me, she is adorable, she was very quiet, obviously some trauma there, as I would find he standing in the middle of the room just like a statue for hours, eventually she would move and sleep. it took nearly 2 years of affection, good food and lots of love to finally find her true personality, then she began to be a dog, a loved pet and to live a pampered life. 

Greyhounds in my art

I was very taken with the greyhound, a dog whom I had never really considered before as a pet, but I am so glad I went past the Greyhound’s as Pets (GAP) stand at our local agricultural fair, and talked about fostering. 

They were elegant, quiet, sleek, athletic and smart. I was hooked, this little girl had me wrapped around her tiny paw, and I began to look at her as my muse. I painted her in so many different ways and gradually the colourful images that I paint today. 

she opened my eyes to a whole new world of dog lovers, almost like joining a cult, the greyhound world of rescue is HUGE and they welcomed us and my art with open arms. 

Daisy, by Yvonne Chapman Brooks
Daisy, by Yvonne Chapman Brooks

I started painting for various rescues, the first main one was “Saving Wilma” on Facebook, a rescued Greyhound who was rescued from a horrific life around the same time as I rescued Daisy, these are some of her portraits below.  “Wilma” Acrylic on canvas, “Goodnight Sweetheart” and “Rainbow Bridge, it’s a beautiful place.” painted after she died. 

I painted portraits for fund raising and it went from there. I began to get asked for commissioned pieces and most of them were Greyhounds. 

Too many to count

Over the last 11 years I have been privileged to be able to paint so many wonderful hounds, every one of them gorgeous and loved. I have used mainly watercolours, but some in acrylics too. I love painting them, they are my favourite, but then every painting I do is a loving tribute to a much loved soul.  

Daisy is nearly 14 years old, a miracle considering her heart suffered greatly as a result of her poor dental health, She has one tooth remaining,  and she is on heart medication, lots of heart medication, and is so far managing to love life, albeit at a much slower pace. She has out-lived Otis, my other Greyhound who died in September, and when her time comes I probably won’t have a greyhound again for a while, as we make the most of Shadow, our Mastiff cross. But I will always be a greyhound Mum, a lover of this amazing breed of hound, who’s love is for ever etched in my heart.  

Please look at my art and enjoy every portrait ever painted, as well as on my Facebook page… there are many …. sooo many, each one a pleasure to do, 

If you are interested in getting your pet painted please reach out and contact me.