Blue The Grey

A Greyhound called Blue

It is well known that I love Greyhounds, I am lucky enough to have two of these beautiful dogs in my life at present plus one honorary grey. I fostered greyhounds for Busselton Greyhound Awareness and was a hopeless foster fail.

There is something about these beautifully athletic, aesthetically pleasing,  creatures that has quite a cult following in the canine rescue world. 

“Blue the Grey” was one such boy, a rescued racer who was adopted by chance by his mum, Kimberley Oxley, and who became the voice for Blue and his fellow greyhounds. He has his own Facebook page, had thousands of followers and touched many hearts. Meanwhile it seemed his heart was not well, He had a tumour in his heart that eventually saw his life end  prematurely. His followers were devastated, me included.

His love of toast became a world wide thing. Toast for Blue was launched when the outpouring of grief for this beautiful boy was taking on a life of its own. A fundraiser was launched and nearly $130,000 AUD was raised in a miraculously short period of time, to help other smaller greyhound rescues.

I have often reached out to people who have lost such a figurehead, and asked if they would like a  donated portrait, its my way of acknowledging something amazing.

“Saving Wilma”, from New Zealand was one figurehead,  that helped many greyhounds via fundraising events.  “Maximus” the cat for the Stray Cat Rescue Team West Midlands in the UK, and Blue would be another.  This is his portrait, his Mum will now use this for fundraising items such as T shirts and bags. It’s amazing an humbling to see an image that you have put your heart and soul into, becoming a well known image and helping at the same time.  I have had hundreds of comments and “likes” as a result of this one image. Remarkable that one image can reach into the hearts of so many.  Vale Blue, you were a true champion.